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  • Nostalgic LCD graphics
  • Accurate simulation of the original 1995 handheld game
  • Roll for a high score in this single-player variant of a familiar dice game

This game runs on Playdate. To install it, see the sideloading instructions.


  • Top row: sum of corresponding dice
    • Subtotal bonus: +35 points if top row totals at least 63
  • 3/4 of a Kind: sum of all dice
  • Full House: 25 points
  • Small Straight: 30 points
  • Large Straight: 40 points
  • Chance (no restriction): sum of all dice
  • Yacht (5 of a kind): 50 points
    • Yacht bonus: additional Yachts after the first score +100 points
    • Joker: if the Yacht box and the matching top row box have already been scored, additional Yachts can score full points for Full House, Small Straight, or Large Straight


  • Press the menu button to start a new game.
  • If you want, you can play faster by using the B button to skip the dice-rolling animation and to speed up the score counting.
  • A simpler dice rolling animation appears if you enable "Reduce Flashing" in the Playdate's settings.
  • Exit to the home screen at any time and your game will be autosaved.


StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorNathan Korth
GenreCard Game
Made withPlaydate
TagsDice, Playdate
Average sessionA few minutes


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Yacht-1.3.pdx.zip 52 kB
Yacht-1.2.pdx.zip 51 kB
Yacht-1.1.pdx.zip 51 kB
Yacht-1.0.pdx.zip 51 kB

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Just got my Playdate a couple days ago but this is one of my most played games already. 

First “Name your own price” game I’ve felt compelled to actually drop five bucks on so far!

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love this game. Perfect match for the playdate. I am running into an issue though, I’m permanently stuck on the game over/high score screen. Pressing the menu button just gives me volume, home and screenshot options instead of restarting the game. Am I doing something wrong? 

Edit: I’m an idiot. No idea how I missed it all the way at the top. 


This is a really perfect recreation of those old handhelds!

Fantastic job!!  Our whole house is now stalking the charge area for when the PlayDate is not in use to take a turn at Yacht. 

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I appreciate you working on this! I never played this particular handheld but it's definitely got the aesthetic down.

Would love to see a crank-to-roll mechanic.

Thanks for the game, and for offering it in a way that people are able to try it for free first. With the PlayDate's small screen, I've run into a lot of games that are a pain to play. So, being able to try something out first has been pretty important for me. I downloaded Yacht, played a few games, then came back here to purchase it. Lots of fun, and love the nod to classic LCD handhelds.

SUCH a good time.  i know i’ll be spending a long time with it.

Awesome attention to detail to recreate the handheld, very impressive

The sound effects... the animations... yes, this fills me with joy.

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The game is awesome! As someone who's family went through a lot of those handhelds (some of old age...some went swimming in the bathroom with the goldfishes) I do have a question: 

Why do the three of a kind and four of a kind only add the three or four dice instead of all dice? Shouldn't it be the total of all dice, as long as it includes the appropriate three or four of a kind?  

(PDF of instruction booklet removed)

Thank you for the wonderful game on playdate!

Whoops, you're right! Guess I didn't know the scoring as well as I thought I did. Will fix soon.

Fixed in version 1.3.

That was quick. Thank you for the update. I look forward to supporting your future work! Cheers!

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Love my old one of these (which was black, though the gold would have been better!)

The only gripe I have is on the hardware the flashing cursor gets reset with every move, so that it’s always visible as you go through the options.

With your current implementation the cursor is often invisible when I move to a new item and I have to wait a short while for it to reappear to see what item is selected. This makes it more difficult choose items.

Also, I wish I had paid you more money for your two high quality productions so far!

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I went back and forth on whether to reset the flashing, I thought I remembered it resetting but then it looked kinda weird when I implemented it. Does the real hardware also reset the "SELECT/ENTER" flashing at the same time?

No it doesn’t seem to. I can’t put my hands on my unit right now so I consulted YouTube https://youtu.be/OJzl49m4Mcc

Oh I see what's going on now! Will fix in version 1.2.

Really solid - thanks for the memories!

I hereby formally request crank to roll, though!

The file "Yacht-1.1.pdx.zip" shows as v1.0 in the sideloader and on the console.

Dangit thanks, that bit is really easy to forget

Fixed now!